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We shall invite you to Japan
To the customers who are wishing to do business with us seriously, we shall be inviting to Japan.

We have been inviting many overseas customers, especially campanies at east African countries, in order to purchase quality controlled used vehicles with reasonable price in short period.

But regrettably some of the customers had been approaching us only the purpose of entering Japan safely and never to do business with us.

To prevent such incident, we are requesting all the customers who are intertested in coming to Japan to send comission fee of 1,000 US dollars per party at first.
Your understanding and trusting us is highly appreciated so as to have a strong partnership between your comapny and us.

Please refer to the steps below for having partnership with us.

Customers are requested to reply to the questions as below as well as submit the documents in order that we could understand performance, achievement and reliability of the companies.

1 How long have you been trading as the used car dealer in your country?
2 How many units do you import per month?
3 Could you tell us which company you are dealing with?
4 Could you submit us the copy of Permitted Certification of the company?
5 Could you submit us the copy of the passports for the person who are willing to come to Japan?

We shall send you the documents for applying VISA application as below.

1 Invitation Letter
2 Guarantee Letter
3 Hotel Reservation confirmation
4 Staying Programmed Schedule
5 Permitted Certification of our company

Customers are requested to remit commission fee of 1,000 US dollars per party to the bank account of our company.

We shall support your company 100% during your stay in Japan by providing programs as below.

1 Firstly we would recommend you to get vehicles from Auctions as it is the cheapest way and thousands of vehicles are being exhibited, where you could buy any type of vehicles with reasonable price.
We are the official member of AUTO Auction, which is covering more than 60 Auction houses in Japan, and about 10 Auctions have been holding every day.
2 Secondly we would show you all the stock on tradecarview market place, where more than 5,000 vehicles are being exhibited. If you would like to check some of them directly, we shall bring you the dealers handling those units.
3 Thirdly we shall bring you to used car dealers around Yokohama area, where you could check each of unit directly and negotiate the price with the dealers.

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